Originally the title of this post was, Running Does Not Get Easier. Having finished the post and going through a number of revisions I don’t know if that is true – it might actually be easier as you will read (but I won’t admit it and I’ll deny if asked).

Since the first days I started running I have gotten faster, can go further, don’t get winded, and my muscles no longer hurt, but damn it seem like running isn’t getting any easier. If you told me when I took up running about the gains in speed, endurance, and strength I would have just assumed that that also meant that running would become effortless – a breeze or a “walk in the park”. NOPE, it is still hard. I am no longer worn out as much after I finish a run and recovery is almost immediate, but I am still sticking to my belief that running is not getting any easier.

I think when you start out running (as a beginner) it is always hard so you just push through; you knew what you signed up for and you tough it out. When you are an experienced runner and you happen to have any difficulties over a particular level, you are surprised and perceive it as being harder.

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