Just the Facts
Date: April 30, 2016
Location: Nashville, TN
Participants: 30,000
Weather: Cloudy/Rainy, mid 60° F
Races: 5K, Half Marathon, and Full Marathon

About the Race

For the previous 16 years this race has been known as the Country Music Marathon. This year however, to conform with the naming of the other Competitor Group’s series races, it is now named the Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Marathon (actually the full name is the St. Jude Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Marathon and ½ Marathon).

RnRNash16LogoIn its 17th year history, this will be my 7th consecutive year to run it; six years in the half marathon and one year where I mistakenly thought the full marathon would be fun (I would like to blame it on my youth, but it was only last year and I’m not young by any definition). This is generally my last race of the season as racing in the south after the end of April is difficult due to the heat. Not that you can’t race in the heat, it is simply tough mentally and physically to train in the heat and humidity – the races are easy since you only have to motivate yourself for under 2 hours early in the morning, but training sucks when it is hot and the humidity prevents the sweat from evaporating.

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