Running logs are on my list of topics I am planning to write about. Whether you use a paper log, an electronic version, or an online source, there are lots of options. Until I have an opportunity to write that post, I thought I would put together some basic and useful math formulas. These can be used for your running logs or while doing some calculation. Later in this post I’ll show you how to use some of this math in your spreadsheets.

The information in this post is very easy to follow but I am assuming nothing and will start out very simply (explaining everything) and bring everyone up to the same level where I discuss the spreadsheet formulas. If you are just looking for the formulas, jump down a little bit past the explanations. This post is sort of an “all in one place” cheat sheet.

Time / Distance / Pace

These are probably the most basic, and important pieces of information that we runners record. Whether it is to measure progress or to take a snapshot of where we are, every runner wants to know how fast they ran (pace), how far they ran (distance), and how long did it take them (time or duration).

If we have any two of these values, finding the third is no more difficult than using the corresponding forms of the following formula (these three are the same formula but in different forms):


Let’s begin by making sure we understanding what these formulas mean, how to use them, and finally how to implement them in our spreadsheets (ex. Excel or Google Sheets).

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