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Why Name My Running Blog Run++

I thought I would explain why the name of my blog is Run++. The content below is very super-duper nerdy – way past geek. If you decide after reading the first two paragraphs that you are “calling it a day”, I won’t be offended. Simply come back another day and read some of my other posts. I promise after this post I will not delve so deep into the area where only the pocket protector folks of the world dare to enter; an area where the only way you will be safe after leaving your parents basement is to put on your aluminum foiled hat. With that introduction, I begin …

In the world of software development there are tons of programming languages, with each having its own strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately these languages get interpreted and converted (a process called compiling) into machine code or byte code – the actual instructions that a computer uses. One such language is called “C” and its syntax maps closely with the hardware that is runs on (ex. the computer). A programmer that uses the “C” language originally had to understand a lot of hardware specific things such as how data was stored on a particular computer and how numbers were represented internally. Later in the timeline of programming languages a new one was created; its name was/is “C++”. This new language expands on the “C” language and adds some cool features such as abstractions. The new language allows some hardware details to be hidden from the programmer; the same is the case for how internal data type are represented. Since it is hidden the programmer does not need to worry about it, as it will be handled automatically by the compiler. However, the language is still very efficient and allows programmers to do tasks a little easier than had previously been possible.

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Does Running Get Easier?

Originally the title of this post was, Running Does Not Get Easier. Having finished the post and going through a number of revisions I don’t know if that is true – it might actually be easier as you will read (but I won’t admit it and I’ll deny if asked).

Since the first days I started running I have gotten faster, can go further, don’t get winded, and my muscles no longer hurt, but damn it seem like running isn’t getting any easier. If you told me when I took up running about the gains in speed, endurance, and strength I would have just assumed that that also meant that running would become effortless – a breeze or a “walk in the park”. NOPE, it is still hard. I am no longer worn out as much after I finish a run and recovery is almost immediate, but I am still sticking to my belief that running is not getting any easier.

I think when you start out running (as a beginner) it is always hard so you just push through; you knew what you signed up for and you tough it out. When you are an experienced runner and you happen to have any difficulties over a particular level, you are surprised and perceive it as being harder.

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