A very important disclaimer: I am not a doctor.  Everything written below is either from my personal experience or gathered through research.  I make no medical claims.

Seven years ago I was overweight; a lot overweight. To lose the weight I tackled the problem scientifically and lost 50 pounds in a short period of time (two to three months) – there was no magic pill or secret potion. Basically, I needed to burn more calories than I consumed. I also had to make sure I gave my body the nutrients and basic needs it wanted so it did not feel like it was under attack (by my diet). Those last two sentences are the facts of weight loss; the only valid facts. When someone you know loses weight, the only reason they do so is because their body burned an excess of calories. No matter what you see on TV, read on the internet, or hear from your friend’s aunt who has finally found the best wonder diet (this being her 4th – this year), weight loss can only be accomplished one way.

The only way to lose weight: Burn more calories than you consume.The Law of Weight Loss

Some of you are thinking to yourself, if it is that easy then why are so many people unable to lose weight? Many things are easy to do if you are trained properly or have the right information, but you will fail horribly if you do them incorrectly.

For many weight loss can be hard to do, and it does not happen at the speed we would like; it can (and will be) frustrating at times.

For the remainder of this post I am going to give you my W’s of weight loss so you can assist your body in burning extra calories and create a caloric deficit.

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