Run++ is a blog about using technology to make running, or for that matter exercise, easier to do and more interesting. I don’t mean a shortcut, but rather as a motivational tool. A way to track progress and events.


Dave running a 5k.

Occasionally our bodies don’t want to go out and run any distance. I truly believe that once you are in shape, that running is  more of a mental sport than a physical one. Beyond when we are injured or physically tired, there are days when you go out and running is as easy as it can be – you can run forever. However, on other days you can barely make it around the corner of the street. There is no way that you lost all your running abilities between these two days, but rather your mind is just not into it (or it want’s to be somewhere else).

So that is where technology comes into the picture for me. I like playing with toys (GPS, Heart Monitors, cameras, etc.) and working with numbers. So on those days when I need a little boost I have my toys with me to use during the runs or the data I collect to look at after the run.

Beyond technology I hope to provide insightful race reviews and interesting information I find on the Internet. Maybe if I am lucky you will provide comments on my posts or possibly contact me with feedback or suggestions.

So who am I? Well I am a middle aged male who took up running in 2009. I was overweight and I decided I needed to loose the weight and become more healthy. I started to eat properly and began walking each lunchtime at work. In the evenings I walked again and as time went on I went to the local community rec center to use the elliptical machine and treadmill. Soon I was exercising so much I really had no more time available. I needed something I could do that would burn more calories in a shorter amount of time; that something was running. I hated running but I love challenges. This would be April 2009 and at the time Nashville was hosting the Country Music Marathon and I challenged myself to run this half marathon the following year. I could not run more than a short distance at the time, but I figured how hard could it be (this is where my stupid trait showed up).

By June of that year I had lost 50 pounds and was starting to get pretty good at running. I was way ahead of any schedule to run a half marathon now 9-10 months away, so I signed to do an earlier half marathon.  I chose to run in Memphis, TN in December of 2009 to be my first race.  I continued to progress well and pushed up my first race to October where I ran in a 5k, and then completed the half in Memphis not many weeks later  The rest is history.

Since running in my first 5k in October 2009, I have now run in various races including 24 half marathons and 1 full marathon.

I welcome any comments you may leave on my posts, or possibly send me a private message using the Contact page.

Thank you for reading,

Dave @ Run++

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