During the day I work in technology (Systems Analysis, Software Engineering) and follow most things that have to do with science and computers. When not at work I am often involved in running related activities as well working on my computer and playing with my electronic toys.

As I travel the Internet, whether for work or at home, I stumble upon tidbit of information that involve both technology and running. These may be product announcements, advances in sports, improvements in technology, bloggers opinions, etc.

Below are some of this week’s (June 6 – June 12, 2016) interesting tidbits I have collected and think might interest others:

Technology – Using a Drone to Assist with Player Hydration
As a possible solution to make sure that all participants in a team sport are remembering to hydrate, a couple of graduating high school students think that maybe using a drone to distribute water/Gatorade/etc. is the answer. I think it is far more efficient for someone to run water out onto the field than having that same person flying a drone, but no one says ideas have to be practical. This is a fun idea, and a great exercise at taking a problem and coming up with a possible solution.
Physics – Do Expensive Bike Tires Help
I don’t think I will ever be in a position where I will need expensive aero wheels, but they sure do look cool and I definitely would not reject if gifted to me. This is a look at some of the physics to see if they help. The test the guy does is not done in a controlled environment, but I think the results are definitely valid.
Baseball – Collect Data From Athletes, But Is It Big Brother
Kind of a long article on teams (specifically baseball) possibley using data collected from wearables and other sources. In a perfect world this information can be used for a number of great reason, but we don’t live in that world and the data can be used for the wrong reasons. I think the real issue is how do you keep the data safe and away from people/teams that will use it for the wrong reasons.
Basketball – The Game and The Fans Are Leaders In Using New Technology
Since we are into the finals of the NBA, this article is relevant. The fans of the NBA are younger and more apt to use streaming, social media, and mobile apps than the other major leagues. The NBA is taking advantage of this to push the limits and increase the appeal to more and more fans everywhere.
Magazine Covers – At the Time I Am Sure they Were Fine Covers, But Not Now.
I like reading the Runner’s World magazine. The covers are usually the same each month, and can probably be grouped into 3 or 4 basic themes. Often a popular running figure is highlighted. This is post I found which shows covers that really don’t age well.

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