During the day I work in technology (Systems Analysis, Software Engineering) and follow most things that have to do with science and computers. When not at work I am often involved in running related activities as well working on my computer and playing with my electronic toys.

As I travel the Internet, whether for work or at home, I stumble upon tidbit of information that involve both technology and running. These may be product announcements, advances in sports, improvements in technology, bloggers opinions, etc.

Below are some of this week’s (May 23 – May 29, 2016) interesting tidbits I have collected and think might interest others:

Olympics – Tokyo Olympics to have a Meteor Shower
I sure hope this works out. Starting next year, they are going to start launching microsatellites with pellets on board that will create “meteors” which will streak across the sky during the Tokyo Olympics. Lets hope it is not cloudy on the day/night they want to use these four years from now.
Technology- You Might Not Want to Trust Your Fitbit HR Readings
A study was done on Fitbit’s PurePulse heart rate technology found in their Surge, Blaze, and Charge HR fitness trackers, and found that they can be highly inaccurate (up to 20 beats per minute on average) during intensive workouts. I figured these devices were probably good for determining a scale of your effort doing tasks throughout the day, but I guess if the numbers are really important, like they are for people with a high risk of heart disease, then this in not good.
Running – Things to Learn From Your Number 2
When I wasn’t a runner I can say I never really thought much about my poop. Now that I am a runner, it is definitely something I pay attention to. Nothing worst than going out for a weekend run and having to turn around a mile in because things are starting to move..
Information – Running Infographics
Infographics are great at displaying information in an easy to understand way. This site has a 25 of these that cover various running topics. You can find most of these on other web sites, but they have collected them all and put them together.
Racing – Wild Finish at Ottawa 10k
It is really warm in Ottawa and the winner of the Woman’s 10k definitely used up all her energy to complete the race. Take a look a this video as she is so far ahead with no one around. At the finish she stumbles across the finish line and collapses.

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